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Take control of your schedule

Customized Content

Reach Your Clients Inside Their Homes: Easily build diverse types of digital content.


Use Customized Templates: All of digital content creation tools have easy to use templates for adding images, videos, text, questions, and more. Use our templates or create your own.

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Programs take clients through a structured curriculum that changes over time, providing interactive guidelines and tracking their data and progress. Examples include 10 Day Back Pain Recovery, Two Weeks to Better Gut Health

Adaptive Assessments

Send your clients questionnaires, surveys, and quizzes to understand their progress and needs. Built in automatic scoring will alert you when clients fall out of target range.


Educational Material

Create multimedia educational plans that provide your clients with information about their health conditions, goals, and general health and wellness.

Telehealth and Virtual care

Connect and communicate with clients virtually

Extend the walls of your practice, clinic, or gym by creating virtual meetings and touchpoints with your clients.

Appointment Scheduling

Seamlessly schedule and conduct telehealth and in-person visits with easy to use scheduling and rescheduling tools.



Telehealth integrations allow for smooth, reliable, and HIPAA-compliant video and audio communications with your clients.

Tasks and Follow-Ups​

Manage your to-do list to stay on top of pending patient tasks. Streamline your workflow within our platform.


Unlimited and Automatic Reminders

Set up reminders for yourself or your clients to take their medication, report back data, join virtual or in person appointments, and any other action taken on the platform.

Client Services

Create High Quality Digital Services

Take your practice to a new level.

Mobile And Web-based Client Portal

Your clients can access all digital content and features on dedicated web or mobile apps.


Gamification and Support

Encourage engagement and healthy behaviors with motivational support and rewards for reaching key milestones!

Predictive Analytics And Data Sharing

Generate analytic reports based on reported, calculated, and predicted client indicators. Clients can also access their own data and see their progress over time.

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